The Warrior Hermit-Freddy Van Der Borght ..... Never give in. Never give up.

Freddy Van Der Borght (1936 - 2006) born into the Belgian royal line of nobility, was best known as Guru Freddy ever since he became the successor-disciple of Nataraja Guru (1895 -1973), the original source being Narayana Guru (1854 -1928). 

In 1984, he founded "Nataraja Gurukula" according to PARAMPARA (that is the vertical hierarchical succession) for teaching unitive understanding and universal brotherhood. The Gurukula was established as a warfare school as in ancient Indian tradition, non-profit, sharing and open to all (without distinction of race, religion, sex etc.) who seek in living terms, the Wisdom of the Absolute (Brahma-Vidya). The Order of Parampara, chosen by few, involved Residential Body-Mind Trainings fashioned after the Code of Parampara.

After the demise of Guru Freddy on 8th April 2006, Swamini Mala became the qualified successor according to traditional Parampara and the intentions of Guru Freddy. Today, the original structure of the Residential Commune "Nataraja Gurukula" continues as the Parampara & runs under the stewardship of the chosen successor Swamini Mala.

To accommodate the aspirations of people who could not be strictly residential, as per the mandatory stipulations of the Order, but craved for the essence of the trainings, Guru Freddy founded "Nataraja Gurukula Nature Awareness & Adventure Academy" as a registered body (which is renamed as "Guru Freddy's Nature Awareness & Adventure Academy).

So the design of a new order was structured through the Academy distinctly different from the Order of the Parampara, but innately incorporating the same core essence to cater to the current needs of the humanity, that he saw was being fast flung into a new age of  technological controls after the World War II.

Under the leadership of Swamini Mala, a 2nd New Order is being born to grow, as it has always grown in the history of the hierarchy of the great training Masters of the line. FIPPS is that creation that identifies with the Corporatization of the World Order catering to the needs of humanity.

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