Kali Natakam - The Dance of Kali - Guru Narayana


Oh, Embodiment of Nada and Bindu,
the Imperishable, adoration to Your lotus feet, ever woshipped by saints like Narada.

Oh, pearl-bedecked sacred Lamp of Wisdom
that illuminates the four Vedas,
Prostration to You, Oh, Mother,
who is dear to Brahma the Omniscient
gazing in all directions, and the host of gods.

This whole universe is created
and presided over and joyously destroyed by You,

Who remains as ever rejoicing and playing and becoming overwhelmed,
again and again,
making most terrifying cries,
residing in the heart of my rapture,
speaking words which enlighten and fill the universe to overflowing,
while penetrating within and becoming its centre,
the size of a sesame seed, centrifugally spiralling,
and continously showering great joy upon the devotees of Your lotus feet,
of whose misery You are fully aware, and
You burn the seed from which the universal suffering proliferates;
those devotees who can,
even for a moment,
contemplate You do not know any other form of emancipation than this of
Your's which fills the entire universe permeated with the self-same substance and those who dwell in
You do not experience even a little flaw
and they have no degtruction even after a tong time.

Wrapped in mystery, indiscernible You are,
and yet by sheer grace You let some know a
glimpse of Your dreadful secret and even they have no idea when
You will change and transform into the 
Benign for which they ardently desire and pray.
Of all those who are obsessed with fear
and see nothing but the terrifying form

Alas! will there be any who will have
the penetration of vision to realize that
You are the sole reality of the entire universe?
Oh Supreme divine Lord of the shining ones,
Lord of Gauri, Abode of peace, Wielder of Maya,
Your potential for proliferation is imponderable
Who else could pacify the torrential flow
of Mandakini who could easily shatter
the very ground to which she falls
and who shakes both earth and heaven
in her descending course from above?

And yet You did it by lovingly receiving her
in Your matted hair, so compact that
it would't allow even a trickle to escape,
it is bedecked with the crescent of the new moon
and the residual bone of the bygone past
and those garlands swinging
and twirling in Your dance which are
made of the finest mandara flowers
of the heavenly tree interlaced with
priceless gems of purple hue that radiate
their dazzling sheen of colourful effulgence
from their place in Your golden crown.

Even the fifth-night moon renowned for its beauty
having decided there is no shame in surrendering to You,
has abandoned its pride aand pays homage to Your forehead
adorned with the beauty mark, of the third eye,
into which has fallen the Lord of the Earth,
whose waist is eternally encircled by the girdle of the seven oceans,
and Mahadeva and Brahma, despite all their supremacy,
are, also, enchanted by the magic of
Your maya, incredible!
Considering carefully the fate of those great ones,
O Supreme Mother, who can ever cross
Your oceanic spell without Your Grace?

Kama's bow that shoots flowery buds of libidinal disquiet
is put to shame by your curved eyebrows,
so much like tender vines,
yet if the bodiless Kama receives
even a little slap from them
he must slink silently away and go somewhere to clam down;
those who worship your dear lotus feet
have their state of misery extinguished
by the same pair of eyebrows;
ever engaged in compassionates side-glances,
your incessantly sparkling lotus eyes
are brimming with the nectar tears of mercy
which dispel the fear
arising from suffering and death;
from the corners of both eyes
sobbing and sobbing, comes a rapid rush of murmuring waters,
efficiently providing the incessant flow of the river of Grace
that carries all to the vast ocean of continuous joy,
on the other shore of which
hymns born of devotion to your feet are heard,
accompanied by dance and music,
filling your divine ears,
from the lobes of which golden bejewelled earrings glitter,
raising their reflection that registers
a magnificent sheen on your cheeks
and they glow like jewel-mirrors;
the rubeous hibiscus pays homage
to your two ruby-red lips,
sparkling within which
the row of your teeth, equal to pearls,
when put to shame a pearl necklace
to what then can they be compared?

Having thus attained to brilliance,
the full moon has now lost its lustre;
the cornmingling of the light from two rival sources
only enhances the radiant spell of your awesome face,
of the orb of its visage of tragic yet auspicious import,
with a pair of frightful fangs,
wrists bedecked with bracelets and bells,
followed by devoted females, ghosts, ghouls and demonesses
in mad procession flying and crying aloud
as you hurl your spear again and again,
brandishing a sculptured conch,
seimitar and decapitated head,
your horrible shout
makes the lion's roar sound weak;
and you repeatedly bursting into
cluster-peals of bright laughter
which suffice to pulverize
all the eight directions;
and in the brisk dance
your hard breasts that have
a semblance to iron balls
come into loud clash charging the valley between
with a sound like the drums
keeping to the rhythmic pace of time-beat
as well as the melody of the celestial music
accompanied by dance animated with
orchestral symphony of tambourine,
bell, flute and veena music,
which you listen with avowed interests,
your comely breasts bright as a pair of golden pots
smeared with scented paste of saffron
and sandalwood, partly concealed
by a band of crystalline pearls;
thus you are seen under heavenly tree kalpaka
decorated with garlands of bouquets,
adorned by this array of ornaments and many more

Stop!--it is absolutely impossible to describe!
Your midsection can be
completely encompassed within a hand's grasp;
beneath it is wrapped a precious silken skirt of exquisite beauty,
Your unkempt hair is tied with a gold brooch,
your waist, the chariot of Kama
from the hub of which course downward
your plump thighs, so soft and graceful
that even the elephant's trunk pays homage;
the beauty of Cupid's quiver is being challenged
in turn by each of your perfect ankles,
having established a rivalry, which will be victorious?
It is amusing, the tortoise having failed to gain
a similitude to the beautiful curve of your metatarsus
takes once again the cover of water to do penance;
victory to your toes set in the lotus flowers of your feet
for whose service are gathered celestial nymphs
like bees of unsatiated greed sipptng lotus honey
and dance with intoxication of loveful mirth
their sweet music resonating with chiming bells
and veena, a whole symphony is heard;
when you join them in jovial comradery
and paces with rhythmic steps, which in turn make
the soul-stirring harmony of the jingling sound
of the pail of your charming anklets;
as you thus walk on the snowy peak of Mt. Kailas
there assemble before you to kneel in reverence
the celestial beauties agitated with devotion,
and all the gods are bowing low,
aspiring to be caressed by your side-glance of love;
everyone gains what each aspires,
as you walk past radiating your self-generated joy,
receiving worship from all those who want to dwell
only where the Devi is present,
and thus when all revel in exquisite bliss,
this unfortunate one is caught in the eddy
of a confused agitation born of that misery
whenever the glimmering of your gracious side-glances
is withheld even momentarily;
therefore, Oh Compassionate One,
to You the prayer is offered...namaste, namaste;
to cross beyond the immensely dreadful ocean of change there is no way than
taking refuge in the ship
of your twin lotus feet, Oh Mother,
Infinite ocean of succor and compassion,
to you my prostrations.
I have come to receive your Grace
that grants whatever is desired;
let not reluctance arise in me
in giving my adoration to your lotus feet;
to you prostrations again and again!
Money, sex and worldly possessions,
having gone after and attained,
one enjoys only a distorted pleasure
which destroys all virtue and brings sadness;
Oh, do not send me in that direction.
Thinking "1 am the body,"
I have become bound by the three qualities of
sattva and so on; see into what a snare of maya
I am caught; Oh Mother, transform
this dwindling world of transcient forms,
and let there be the lightening flash
of illumination that will last
as long as the moon and stars shimmer in the sky.
Namaste Siva Mother, Namaste, Namaste.

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