Rig Veda Book 10 hymn 86, verse 13

Rig Veda Book 10 hymn 86, verse 13 - indra will "eat thy bulls", thy dear oblation that effecteth much. Supreme is Indra over all

Rig VEDA Book 10 hymn 85 and verse 13 - 13. The bridal pomp of Surya, which Savitar started, moved along.In Magha days are "oxen slain", in Arjuris they wed the bride.

Rig Veda Book 10 hymn 16 verse 10 - I choose as god for Father-worship Agni, "flesh eater", who hath past within your dwellings

It's time to understand the the Rig Vedas is not taken in Literal meaning as it is a collection of hymns written in cryptic language that years of study is required to truly understand its meaning.

A bull represented farming and harvests. Hence Indra, lord of rain has the power to control harvests thus "eat thy bulls"

Agni is fire, And naturally fire has the ability to be a "Flesheater"

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dfd said...

You clearly have not even shallow knowledge of Sanskrit. Those western scholars know more because just like Indian languages , their langauge too came from Sanskrit. They have same level of exposure to Vedic Sanskrit as ancient Indians.
Im sure you don’t even know about Panini’s sanskrit , let alone the much older Vedic sanskrit you are making a pathetic effort to translate.
Being a true Vedic Brahman , a true Arya from the North ; I know how my ancestors sacrificed and ate not only cow’s but tortoise , pig and ghariyal meat. Enlighten yourself before attempting to teach others.