Lawyers, Don't You Hate Clients that Claim to Know More About the Law than You?

Lawyers hate it when a client comes into their office and tells them how to do their job… tells them what motions to file, what witnesses to call, and how to handle the case. This is annoying because, the client (not the lawyer) usually caused the legal problem to begin with and it was their poor judgment that got them into their predicament. 

These clients honestly believe that they know more than their lawyer, when they don't and never will. 

Legal clients do not have the training, perspective, judgment, or experience to tell the lawyer how to do their job. Often, when a lawyer lets the client make the call on how to handle their case, it is a disaster for the lawyer and the client. In the end, the lawyer is ultimately responsible. 

This same principle is true with law firm websites and Internet marketing. Here, the lawyer is the client. The SEO consultant knows more about Internet marketing than the lawyer. Lawyers that are patient and listen to the advice of their SEO consultant usually do well over time. Those that do not listen, want instant results, and try to tell their SEO consultant how to do their job, are almost always unhappy with their results, and they end up wasting time and money. 

As a lawyer and SEO consultant with 15 years of experience, it is frustrating to talk to lawyers that believe that they know everything there is to know about Internet marketing. Nobody knows everything about SEO. I don't know everything. I am constantly learning and trying to keep up with new SEO trends, which are constantly changing. 

Many lawyers know enough about SEO to make them dangerous. I have had these "know it all lawyers" call me for a consultation and then repeatedly interrupt me mid sentence and say things like, "I already know about Google Places, but I want a Twitter account…" (when they have not even claimed their Google Places profile) or "I already know about link building, but I want to 'dominate the New York City area for criminal defense,' and I don't want to spend more than $1,000...and I want to be #1 by next month." 

Worst of all, the "know it alls" call for a consultation, and then waste 45 minutes of my time arguing with me about why I am wrong, bashing their previous 5 SEO companies, and trying to prove that they know it all about SEO. It reminds me of law school, where 1Ls think they know more than everyone else, including the law professor. You all know what type of obnoxious people I am talking about. Those "know it all" 1Ls now have a law license, which in their mind validates that they are smarter than everyone else, including their SEO consultant. 

Bottom line: Don't be that "know it all" 1L when it comes to SEO. Lawyers should leave SEO to a SEO professional. Find a qualified expert, take their advice, and be patient.

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