An American Devi who loves Hinduism and became memebr of it and in India is serving Dharma name Kali Prem Dasi ~

As I am becoming more familiar to people in my neighborhood, I am able to talk with them more. I am feeling very discouraged. They really just don't care. All they want is to talk to me about leaving India, or to brag to me about how their children live abroad or go to xristian schools. I am very tempted to put up photos of my family ( I won't, my family will remain Private ) to hit home the sacrifices I have made to be here. It just really pisses me off that I , who was not born here, am willing to Sacrifice but they only want to run. Today , I am feeling so grateful for my FB friends. To know their really are others who feel as I do, and are willing to work to bring Hinduism and India back to their Golden State. India and Hinduism are One. They can never be separated. The fate of one is the fate of the other. On this Sacred Land , where Our Lord Krishna Himself walked, on this his Birth day, Let us remember who we are. How much this Land and our Faith mean to us. It defines who we are. I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you, Proudly, to face down, any religion, organization, ect. who threatens our Faith, Land , Culture, and Traditions. We know who our Enemies are. We are not backing down. I will stand Tall next to you, Come What May. That is My Pledge and My Promise to You. When I said I was yours, I meant it. We are One People. We are an Old People, and we are Stronger than ever Before. Jai Ma~

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