Learn about Sanskrit

1) The best language to be used in the computers
Ref: Forbes 1987 magazine

2) The best type of calendar being used is Hindu calendar(as the new year starts with the geological change of the solar system)
Ref: German state university

3) The most useful language for medication

i.e persons by talking samskruta will be healthy and free from disease like bp, diabetes, cholesterol etc.. as talking in samskruta makes activate the nervous system of the human body so that the persons body gets activated with positive charges
ref:American Hindu university
(after constant study)

4) The language which contains most advanced technology in it in their books called Vedas, Upanishads, shruti, smruti, Puranas, Mahabharata, Ramayana etc...
ref: Russian state university NASA etc..(NASA contains 60,000 manuscripts of palm leaf with them which they r using to study) (unverified reports say that the Russians, Germans, Japanese, Americans are actively researching new things from our sacred books and are producing them back to the world by their name on it.17 countries in the world have a university or more to study about samskruta and gain new technology but there is not a single university dedicated to samskruta for its real study in INDIA (BHAARATH).

5) Mother of all languages of the world
all the languages(97%) have been directly or indirectly influenced by this language.
ref: UNO

6) There is a report by a NASA scientist that America is creating a 6th and 7th generation super computers based on the samskruta language for the use of super computers to their maximum extent.project deadline is 2025(6th generation) 2034(7th generation) after this there will be a language revolution all over the world to learn samskruta.

7) The best language available in the world for translation purpose
ref: Forbes 1985 magazine

8) The language presently being used in advanced kirlian photography techniques.(advanced kirlian photography techniques are present only in Russia and USA presently. INDIA does not posses even the simple kirlian photography techniques today.)

9) US,Russia,Sweden,Germany,UK,France,Japan,Austria are presently researching abt the significance of bharatanatyam and the nataraja (the cosmic dance of shiva.There is a statue of Shiva or Nataraja in front of the UN office in Geneva.)

10) The UK is presently researching on a defense system based on our shri chakra

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