True meaning of woman (Sthree)

"Sthree" symbolizes the three gunas in women. The term Sthree is used to denote a woman. There are three syllables in this term: Sa, Tha, and Ra.

"Sa" symbolises the Satwic aspect of a person. The Satwic quality is the very first quality that manifests in man. The feeling of love develops from the mother. The mother converts her own blood into love and gives it as milk to feed the child. Therefore, the first quality represented by "Sa", is the Satwic quality.

"Tha" represents bashfulness, modesty, self-esteem, and such traits which are characteristics of women. Shyness is a predominant trait in women. They attach great value to their honor and reputation. The common view regarding the Tamasic quality does not apply to them.

"Ra" is Rajas. Such qualities as sacrifice and high-mindedness in women reflect the Rajasic aspect of their nature. When necessary, women will be prepared even to sacrifice their lives to safeguard their honor.

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