AHIMSA "Ahimsa paramo dharma"

Most misunderstood and misquoted verse in the Hindu scriptures..

"Ahimsa paramo dharma" is not mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita as is frequently cited, EVEN THOUGH the word Ahimsa is mentioned four times in the Gita.

If a person enters a home and molest any woman, the householder cannot keep quiet. It is his DHARMA to protect her by all means including VIOLENCE.

When an enemy attacks his/her country, a soldier cannot stand idle and put down his or her weapons.

A king or a president or Prime minister of a country must protect people and go to war with people who attack

In all THREE cases, practicing Ahimsa will be ADHARMA [ non-righteousness] and not DHARMA [Righteousness]

Lord Arjuna asked Arjuna to fight strictly to protect DHARMA [ righteousness ] and eradicate ADHARMA [ non-righteousness] 

Through out all Hindu scriptures, Utmost importance is given to the protection of DHARMA 
[righteousness ] and eradication of ADHARMA [non-righteousness] 

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