Gandhari decided to follow her husband

Gandhari decided to follow her husband till the last moment. Maharaj Dhritarastra accepted the order of vanaprastha life and at this stage the wife is allowed to remain as Voluntary servitor: but in the Sannyas stage no wife can stay with her former husband. A Sannyasi is considered to be civil-dead man and therefore the wife becomes a civil-widow without any connection with her former husband. Maharaj Dhritarastra did not deny his faithful wife and she followed her husband at her own risk.

The Sannyasins accept a rod as the sign of renounced order of life. There are two types of Sannysins. Those who follow the Mayavad Philosophy headed by Sripad Shankaracharya accept only one rod (Ekadanda) but those who follow the Vaishnavite Philosophy accept three combined rods (Tridanda). The Mayavadi Sanyasins are known as Ekadandi Swami whereas the Vaishanava Sannyasins are known as Triandi Swami or more distinctly Tridandi Goswamins in order to keep distinction from the Malavad philosoply. The Ekadandi Swamis are mostly fond of Himalayas but the Vaisnava Sannyasins are fond of Vrindaban and Puri. The Vaishnava Sannyasins are Narottamas whereas the Mayavadi Sannysins are Dheeras. Maharaj Dhritarastra was advised to follow the Dheeras because at that stage it was difficult for him to become a Narottama.

SB 1.13.30 PURPORT

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