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It is said that first impression are developed within the first two minutes of an interview. Also, a good first impression followed by a well rounded and backed up interview session is enough to clinch the job interview, without even needing the right kind of qualifications.

Although the nature of this second statement remains to be somewhat dubious, it elaborates the importance of making and maintaining a good and impressive impression throughout the interview.

As such, it is generally said that underselling the self and patronizing one’s own abilities in order to give the interviewer an upper hand is a good way to clinch the job. This however, is a quickly dying trend in the market.

Companies from any field are continually looking for fast, intelligent and focused players who can make good on goals and have the capacity to go the extra mile to bring in real success.

It is always what’s in it for the hiring manager and not the other way round. Portrayal of these abilities, although easier said than done is becoming crucial in the market.

One of the most important aspects of the interview is the dress code that the applicant follows when applying for the interview. Successful and smart people don’t dress gaudily in flashy suits, uncomfortable and revealing dresses and blouses and improper shorts and skirts.

Making a statement therefore requires due focus on all aspects of appearance. From breath, to nails, to facial hair, to hairstyles, everything has to be checked and maintained. Some companies may have strict guidelines on dressing and may issue these instructions beforehand to applicants. Following these rules but with a bit of interpretation takes the applicant a long way in the interview. The changes have to be very subtle and extremely creative.

The next aspect, which makes all the difference, is the handshake and the salutation that people employ in order to greet their interviewers. Nothing says I am right for this job like total and complete confidence in the handshake and the greeting. A good and sincere smile (nothing over the top) followed by a quick yet confident and firm handshake and a proper greeting makes more than half the impression.

Applicants must then follow this up by confident and extremely pertinent replies. Those who can garnish conversation with bits of Humor without sounding non-complacent or informal will find this working to their advantage.

Knowledge and information about the company, the workplace, the job profile and the market on the whole is another factor that matters to an infinite degree. Knowledge not only about the job but also about the operations of the company, information that only specialists and insiders may know always gives an impression of a high degree of proficiency and market knowledge.

People must remember however not to go over the top with these bit of information which may lead to questions and conversations about unknown things.

Infusing the proceedings with a proper atmosphere of selling oneself and one’s qualities right from the very outset is another thing that makes for a terrific impression.

Although there is no one way to make a perfect impression, people can employ any variety of methods such as the ones mentioned above to be successful at their interviews.

Ngee Key, Founder of Springboard Talent, an executive career coaching and job search consulting firm. Our mission is to help you discover your talent, maximize your potential, equip you with the right mindset and strategies to create a fulfilling career.

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