Please read Bhagavad Gita by A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada-By Govinda Madhav

Bhagwat Geeta provides you solution of following problems 

1. How one can be freed from all anxieties and lamentations? BG 2.22 

2. How to gain steady mind and transcendental intelligence by which one can attain peace? 2.66 

3. Why one should honor the food only after being offered to the lord? 3.31 

4. Is it possible for us to control our mind while being engaged in prescribed duties? 3.43 

5. How to achieve perfection of life? 4.9 

6. How to achieve dharma, artha, moksha, kama? 4.11 

7. How to get the shelter of spiritual master? 4.34 

8. Can the sinner cross the ocean of the miseries? 4.36 

9. Why human being is entrapped in miseries? 5.22 

10. what is peace formula? 5.29 

11. To whom the mind is friendly and to who it is inimical? 6.6 

12. Is it possible to attain peace by controlling mind? 6.7 

13. How to control our flickering mind? 6.35 

14. What is complete knowlege? 7.2 

15. How to achieve liberation? 7.7 

16. what is secrete to overcome the maya? 7.14 

17. How sins are classified? How to nullify them? 9.2 

18. What should be our ultimate goal? 9.18 

19. Can person reach at the planet of his choice? 9.25 

20. Does lord accept food offered by us? 9.26 

21. What is the means of happiness in this material world? 9.34 

22. What is perfection of human life? 10.10 

23. How to clear the dirt accumulated in our heart? 10.11 

24. Who is supreme personality of godhead? 10.12-13 

25. Why krishna reveals his universal form to Arjuna? 11.1 

26. What is the essence of Bhagwat geeta, what are causes of our miseries? 11.55 

27. How to conquer rajo and tamo guna? 14.26 

28. Can we speak with lord, see and hear him? 15.7 

29. What jiva takes with him when he leaves his body? 15.8 

30. How to reach God? 18.66

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