Literal Meaning of Gayatri Mantra

O One and Only One Ultimate Omnipotent Omniscient Ishwar!

You are Bhoo – the foundation of life in entire universe and unborn! You are dearer than life because life is sustained by you!

You are Buvah – completely devoid of sorrow. When we achieve you, all our sorrows vanish away. 

You are Swah – the sustainer and maintainer of entire world and provider of all the bliss.

You are Savituh – the creator of entire world and provide us all the prosperities

You are Devah – who only gives and gives and never takes anything. Who is desired by all. Who is Brilliant, Who is enlightening!

Varenyam – You alone are worth being accepted. There is nothing except you that is worthwhile. When you are achieved, everything is achieved. And when you are not achieved, nothing is achieved. Because you are the source of everything.

Bhargah – You are pure and without any imperfections. You are the ultimate cleanser. Nothing unclean remains when one achieves you. You represent the most perfect state of purity!

Tat – Such are your characteristics that nothing else apart from you is worthwhile.

Dheemahi – We only accept you through our intellect. We utilize our power of thinking to think of you alone.

Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat – Because it is you who has and who will enlighten our intellect. It is only you who will lead us from wrong towards right, from miseries towards bliss, from impurity towards purity, from Adharma towards Dharma, from hatred towards love, from evil deeds towards noble efforts.

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