Vedas Teach Us To Organize Army

It is a matter and discretion of Almighty God that He gives the knowledge of artillery etc., which is eternal and justifiable why? Because, God is omniscient and is the Lord of Souls and Universe. He knows that every soul is not out of the effect of illusion and those souls who are out of illusion, they have been awarded salvation. So, the liberated souls have no concern in experiencing harm of attack of weapons, etc. but what about those souls who've taken birth in human-life possessing the nature of devils and causing harm to others. God knew, knows and shall ever know, being Kavi i.e., Krantdarshi. Kavi means God is witness of all the Events of Unlimited creations. Its nursing and destruction and again creation and this process is eternal. So, in the future creations Almighty will always remain the witness. So, He knows that after creation, due to the ill effect of illusion in the mind of devils etc., the earth will be divided into many Kingdoms and even when monarch would rule the whole earth, rebellion against the state could take place, as took place in the shape of Ravanna, Duryodhan, Kansa and so on. so knowledge of weapons has been given in Vedas to protect the nation from such bad elements outside and within the country as well. Similarly, Vedas teach to organize army, police, maintain peace, law and order and impart justice to everyone. You see, without weapons and artillery, it is not possible to do so.

Warrior means who is Bramchari by all means, has full control over his senses, mind and intellect, is vegetarian and he who worships God daily based on Vedic Philosophy . Such Warriors are really entitled for Salvation if they die while fighting against the enemies, to save the Country. But those warriors who fight and die in War, if do not fulfill all the said Qualities, get rebirth in good family where there is opportunity to worship God and have all the amenities, etc. I mean to say, in both stages, the sacrifice of the warrior will never go in vain because he has sacrificed his valuable life for the nation. 

However, it is decided by Almighty God or a Tapasvi who speaks truth without any favor whether the war fought is to protect righteousness or Dharma. Even, if both countries at war are on adharmic side, then also the warrior will get better birth after death because they(Soldiers) discharge their moral Duties of army under the instructions of their King/President/Chief., and whole of the responsibility will then lie on the King of that Country and God will give them Bitter Punishment.

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