Stochastic Probability Theory of Life ~ Pregnant Deer Scenario.

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Magic of Life -Stochastic Probability Theory of Life
“Every moment is a moment of choice, every hour is destiny“.

I happen to come across this theory called Stochastic Probability theory – It means that the outcome of an event cannot be determined as future events are randomly decided. In simple terms you cannot predict the future and a good example is stock market and currency exchange rate fluctuation.

Coming back to our life scenario, anyone would laugh if they are told that future events are unpredictable. Thats obvious they would say. But, sometimes this unpredictability might lead us into a feeling of helplessness when things go beyond our control. We feel helpless, demotivated and sometimes depressed. Our negative thoughts cloud our judgment and we feel we are running out of all options. We feel there is only one way to do it (or end it) or we may hurt people who are near and dear to us. At that moment…this story can be worth recalling.

I wish to tell that everyone have got a CHOICE in life. That makes us different and unique.

Consider this scenario: In a remote forest, a pregnant deer is about to give birth to a baby. It finds a remote grass field near by a river and slowly goes there thinking it would be safe. As she moves slowly, she gets labor pain…. at the same moment, dark clouds gather around that area and lightning starts a forest fire. Turning left she sees a hunter who is aiming an arrow from a distance. As she tries to move towards right, she spots a hungry lion approaching towards her.

Stochastic Probability Theory - Pregnant Deer Scenario

What can the pregnant deer do ….as she is already under labor pain ?

What do you think will happen ?
Will the deer survive ?
Will it give birth to a calf ?
Will the calf survive ? or
Will everything be burnt by the forest fire ?

That particular moment ?

Can the deer go left ? – Hunter’s arrow is pointing
Can she go right ? – Hungry male lion approaching
Can she move up ? – Forest fire
Can she move down ? – Fierce river

Answer: She does nothing. She just focuses on giving birth to a new LIFE.

The sequence of events that happens at that fraction of a second (moment) are as follows:

In a spur of MOMENT …a lightning strikes (already it is cloudy ) and blinds the eyes of the Hunter. At that MOMENT, he releases the arrow missing and zipping past the deer. At that MOMENT the arrow hits and injures the lion badly. At that MOMENT, it starts to rain heavily and puts out the forest fire. At that next MOMENT, the deer gives birth to a healthy calf.

In our life, it’s our MOMENT of CHOICE and we all have to deal with such negative thoughts from all sides always. Some thoughts are so powerful they overpower us and makes us clueless. Let us not decide anything in a hurry. Lets think of ourself as the pregnant deer with the ultimate happy ending. 

Anything can happen in a MOMENT in this life. If you are religious, superstitious, atheist, agnostic… or whatever… you can attribute this MOMENT as sublime, divine intervention, faith, sudden luck, chance (serendipity), coincidence… or a simple ‘dont know’. We all feel the same. But, whatever one may call it, I would see the priority of the deer in that given moment was to giving birth to a baby…. because LIFE IS PRECIOUS.

Hence, whether you are deer or a human, keep that faith and hope within you always.

Note: Life can be defined as a “Stochastic Probability theory” that is unique to a particular individual where the outcomes of our moments are non-deterministic as future events are determined by random probability distributions that cannot be predicted. I call this as MAGIC OF LIFE.

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