Sree Narayana Guru on Caste system

Sree Narayana Guru:

1.Now the world should get freedom from the clutches of caste system and racial discrimination

2.Even god himself comes and say that due to the birth in lower caste one should not learn Vedas, we should not agree with that.

3.Is that human beings live for caste or for god or all these are for human beings.

4.If there are no human beings then what is the use of all these (caste, god, etc)

5.There is no caste, and thinking that the caste system exist itself is foolishness.

6. There is no use of caste system in the society. It curtails the freedom of individuals and also it kills the wisdom.

7. There are only minor differences among the human beings like the color of the skin, educational qualification, financial status, the taste for food, color of dress etc. Other than these there are no significant differences among human beings.

8. The caste system has created so many problems in Indian society. Even Sree Sankaracharya has committed mistakes while following the caste system

9. Sage Vyasa who wrote Bhagavath geetha and also Brahama sootra has told in different ways about caste system confusing the followers.

10. There is no group (vargam) called the dalits /adhakrutha / lower caste, etc. The only difference is (if at all) in the level of education, financial status, level of cleanliness etc

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