Marketing Theories

Acquiescence Effect
Activation Theory
Active Audience Theory
Actor Network Theory
Adaptive Structuration Theory
Affect Perseverance Theory
Agency Theory
Agenda Setting Theory
Altercasting Theory
Appraisal Theory
Argumenation Theory
Attraction-Selection-Attrition Framework Theory
Attribution Theory
Cannon-Bard Theory of Emotion
Channel Expansion Theory
Character Theory
Cognitive Appraisal Theories of Emotion
Cognitive Dissonance Theory
Collective Intelligence Theory
Communication Accommodation Theory
Comparative Advantage Theory
Confirmation Bias Theory
Consistency Theory
Control Theory
Conversion Theory
Critical Media Theory
Cultivation Theory
Dependence Theory
Diffusion of Innovations Theory
Domestication Theory
Effects Theory
Elaboration Likelihood Theory
Equity Theory
Expectancy Value Theory
Expectancy Violations Theory
Extended Self Theory
Face Negotiation Theory
Flow Theory
Framing Theory
Frustration Aggression Theory
Game Theory
Gatekeeping Theory
Generational Marketing Theory
Groupthink Theory
Hypodermic Needle Theory
Implicit Personality Theory
Information Manipulation Theory
James-Lange Theory of Emotion
Limited Effects Theory
Market for Loyalties Theory
Mass-Market Theory
Media Richness Theory
Media Systems Dependency Theory
Media Theory
Media Theory of Composition
Medium Theory
Modernization Theory
Multi Step Flow Theory
Muted Group Theory
Network Governance Theory
Network Theory
Opponent-Process Theory
Persuasion Theory
Planned Behavior Theory
Play Theory
Politeness Theory
Post Modern Marketing Theory
Priming Theory
Protection Motivation Theory
Proxemic Theory
Psycholinguistic Theory
Rational Choice Theory
Reactance Theory
Realistic Conflict Theory
Reception Theory
Relational Exchange Theory
Resourced Based Theory of the Firm
Semiotic Theory
Services Marketing Theory
Situational Crisis Communications Theory
Social Cognitive Theory
Social Exchange Theory
Social Impact Theory
Social Learning Theory
Social Network Theory
Social Penetration Theory
Social Presence Theory
Spiral of Silence Theory
Standpoint Theory
Strategic Contingencies Theory
Symbolic Convergence Theory
Symbolic Interaction Theory
System Theory
Technology Acceptance Model Theory
Theory of Mind
Theory of Reasoned Action
Transaction Cost Analysis Theory
Transaction Cost Analysis Theory
Two Factor Theory of Emotion
Two-Steps Flow Theory
Uncertainty Reduction Theory
Uses and Gratifications Theory

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