THE DEAD LEADER WILL ARISE- Is Netaji alive till now?

Source: Amarkantaker Barafani Dadaji Maharaj by Ranjit Kr Majumdar

Majumdar: Is Netaji alive till now?

Dadaji: Yes he is alive and busy in higher meditations.

Majumdar: Please mercy me. In this 23 January 2008 his age will be 112 years, isn't it ridiculous?

Dadaji: Threre is nothing ridiculous in it. With hard tapasya (meditation and yoga) everything is possible. Those who said it impossible they are common people not able to pierce the realm of suprasensual plane. My age is more than 200 years (216 years, you can meet him till now, the Administrators of this page met Dadaji, you can also search him on google and youtube) so why it is impossible for Subhas? He has also done Yoga at "Gyan Ganj" (The most secret and sacred place of this world). If you doubt Subhas then you should also suspect me as my age is 104 years more than him.

Majumdar: So when Netaji will express himself?

Dadaji: Time has came at the door. Hear this with utmost attention. Subhas is wandering at different corners of India in disguise. Those who identified him they met him in secrecy and taking direction from him. Work has started silently. And again one intersting fact is Subhas made three image of him by the power of his yoga. And one thing the picture of Subhas what you have in your mind has not much similarity now.

Then Dadaji closed his eyes for sometime as he is seeing something in the distant future and saying in low pitch- 
upto 2015 the time for India is very bad. Lot of people will die in famine, diseases, earth quakes, floods, wars. The population of India will decrease a lot.China and Pakistan will attack India simultaneously. in this disastrous condition Subhas Chandra Bose will come as a rescuer. Preparation had started few years before, be alert be informed everything will be clear at time.

Some predictions of Dadaji:

1. After 2030 the era of republic country will be abolished.

2. Few saints will come with two prince from the Himalayas into the India. And by them the Golden Era of Satya Yuga will start. this all will happen 2030 afterwards.

From Veda: In this coming destruction those will live will enter into that Golden Era. And to live in the face of destruction one have to connected with God all the time. For this, Repitition of divine name in the mind is the easiest and effective way for common people with daily work routine. 

You can repeat the Mahamantra "Om Namah Shivay". This is the message received by us. 

Destruction is not a new thing. We have already experienced its smell few years before in Hiroshima and Nagashaki. Destruction is needed to remove old structures. It is necessary to create a new more perfect construction. For this why Lord Shiva is not only a calm cool generous God but also He is called "Rudra", the destroyer.

So friends believe it or not do the repitition of the Mantra in your mind side by side of your regular duties. It will make your mind strong focussed to achieve both material and spiritual pleasures.
 (Words of Netaji in 2008) 

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