SUSPECT THE POLES A conversation between Baba Lokenath Brahmachari and Kuladananda Brahmachari

Kuladananda: Can we able to go everywhere of this world?

Baba: Leave the World can you go everywhrere of India? After reading the western geography you made the world very small. This earth is made of seven lands. No one knows about any one of them. Every land has seven sub-lands and no one believes about them. The land "Jambu" has seven sub-lands and one of these seven sub-lands (Barsa) is "Bharat barsa" what is known to you as the whole world. Actually the whole world is called "Bharat barsa". The Red sea, Black sea, Java island, Subarna island, China, Arab, everything is one Bharat barsa. After Bharat barsa there is "Kingpurush barsa" and till date no one knows about that. People of that land has face like horse. how many people had become able to said about that?

Kulada: Our world is round. Man had rounded this world many times by ship. Why they had not seen them?

Baba: Oh! who said the Earth is round? How one can go there with ships. World is round at east-west so there they can round but can anyone got the limits of north and south? Can anyone say about those poles?

Kulada: So what you say? Earth is not round?

Baba: Why not round? but round at east and west but at north-south there are seven one after another. Every second is double than the first. Among these seven lands, the land surrounded with salt is called "Jambu land", after that "Plakkhma land". In this manner there are seven, now how man can believe these? They have not seen these before but those who have seen those lands they have told about the hills, rivers, everything about them elaborately.

source: Sri Sri Sadguru sanga, page- 82 & 83

Baba Lokenath Brahmachari is an popular saint of India from Bengal. He lived for 160 years in this mortal plane. 

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