How to Brush your Teeth w/o using a Tooth Paste

A slow Poison

The topic may sound weird to most of you, but I am really very serious about it. The toothpaste that we are using today has a fluoride content of about 500 ppm to 1000 ppm, remember as per scientist (I call them stupids) 15 ppm of iodine is enough for sharpening your brain, but 1000 ppm of Fluoride is acceptable to human body, it don't cause any harm but instead it protects our teeth (600 ppm of Hexane in Soyabean also don't cause any harm, as per scientist (idiots)) most of the kids swallow the toothpaste as they like its taste. You can read about the content of fluoride in modern day toothpaste here, the other toxic chemicals which are present in a normal toothpaste can be read on here.

Now I am going to tell you about a safe, easy to execute and cheap and best method of brushing your teeth. I am personally using this method since last 4 months, I add almost say a pinch of sea salt granules and not iodised salt and then I add few drops of mustard oil ( check the pic. below), I mix the mixture and gently rub it over my teeth with my finger, of course :). As the sea salt surface is rough it cleans any deposition over the teeth, but as it is softer compare to teeth it don't cause any damage to them, also due to the saliva it start to dissolve hence become much softer, and as mustard oil is applied over it, it doesn't have too much friction and both of them have antibacterial properties as well. The component are 100 % edible they cause no harm to you or your loved once even if you or they swallow it, if you don't want to swallow it you can wash them out too.

As you will be rubbing with the help of your finger it will not damage your gums as well, as they do while we use tooth brush.

Use of technology is not a bad thing, in fact the reason that we have less war now a days is because we have weapons of mass destruction, because of which leaders of our Great Nations are themselves afraid to die, but a hammer doesn't work at a place of toothpick, this simple fundamental we have lost somewhere.

This salt comes at price of 10 Rs per Kg and is easily available in market in India as Hotelier use this salt only in manufacturing food, cost of mustard oil is 120 Rs/liter, for a family of four you might be having a cost of Rs 130 per year or might be even less as I have not measured the exact quantity.

This method of brushing your teeth was a normal day to day practise in Indian household say about 100 years back, though some people use to prefer Neem Tree twig as well.

Mustard oil with Sea Salt

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