Daiva Dasakam, ദൈവദശകം - Ten Verses Of God ~ Shree Narayana Guru

O God, as ever from there keep watch on us here,
Never letting to Your hand!
You are the Greatest Captain of the mighty steamship
On the ocean of change and becoming is Your foot

Counting all here, one by one,
When all things touched are done with,
Then the seeing eye(alone) remains.
So let the inner self in You attain its rest

Food, clothes, and all else we need
You give us unceasingly.
Ever saving us, seeing us well provided.
Such a one, You, are for us our only Chief.

As ocean, wave, wind and depth
Let us within see the scheme
Of us, nescience,
You glory and You.

You are the creation, the Creator,
And the magical variety of created things,
Are You not, O God,
Even the substance of creation too.

You are Maya,
The Agent thereof and its Enjoyer too;
You are that Good one also who removes Maya too
To grant Unitive state!

You are the Existent, the Subsistent and the Supreme
You are the Present and the Past,
And the Future is none else but you.
Even the spoken work, when we consider it, is but You alone.

Your state of glory that fills
Both inside and outside
We for ever praise!
Victory be, O God, to you!

Victory to you! Great and Radiant One!
Ever intent upon saving the needy!
Victory to You, perceptual abode of happiness,
Ocean of Mercy, Victory to You!

In the ocean of your gloryOf great profundity,
Let us all, together, become immersed
To dwell therein everlastingly Happiness!

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