Shirdi Sai baba Speaks to you from Dwarakamai !

You are in worst pain of your life.You think i am not taking care of you.
You think Sai baba has millions of devotees.Its not a loss for him if he looses me.

I say this to you my child " Your sufferings is teaching you a wisdom for a life time.

I like my children who learns what life is through sufferings but why dont they remember that their own sai is facing the same suffering.If a thorn goes in to a childs skin , the child can cry but the mother alone knows the pain if she is not able to take the thorn out by herself.

I am your mother.Just control your tears .Take a photo of sai and keep with you where ever you go.No thorns can hurt you.
I am with you .Every time you say "sai" i am turning to you leaving the million other devotees to wait for a second.

Life is know only to few people who suffer and contineously face difficulties.Wait for few months.Months is not too long if you truely surrender to me .Say sai sai sai a million times or atleast a 100 times in a day.you will be rewarded slowly but for sure.

Offer food to crow or any bird.

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