Shree Narayana Guru, a Karmayogi, says Canada Associate Minister

TORONTO: Social reformer Sree Narayana Guru was a Karmayogi, said Canada Provincial Parliament member and Associate Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Dipika Damerla. She was the chief guest of the 10th anniversary celebrations of Toronto Sree Narayana Association and Onam programmes.

Guru was a Karmayogi. The world cannot go forward without a Karmayogi like Sree Narayana Guru.

The minister praised SNA for absorbing the teachings of Guru. SNA is on the path of self-renovation and self-dedication, she said. It is necessary to preserve our traditional values in Canada and through it we are re-creating Canada in our own imaginations.
She expressed satisfaction on the various social and cultural activities executed by the SNA. These projects are at the same time ancient, imperishable and modern, said Dipika .

She also released ‘SNA Toronto’s Journal-SNA’s 10th anniversary souvenir.

The articles of 21 from all over the world including Scott Teitsworth, who has knowledge in the life and teachings of Guru, the culture and life of Toronto, Nancy Yielding, Sathyabai Sivadas, Dinakaran Meenamkkunnu and Dr Shirley P Anand are included in the journal.

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