Blessings From All Gods;.Sri HANUMAN

Lord Hanuman was blessed by all the Gods. Lord Brahma blessed him that no weapon of war could kill him. Brahma blessed him with the power to kill fear. Lord Hanuman is worshipped for strength. Praying to him ensures that all fears are killed. Lord Shiva blessed him with longevity. He also blessed him with the power to cross oceans. This was the power that he used when he went to meet Sita in Lanka. Lord of the wind Vayu dev had blessed him with a boon that he can never be harmed by water. The God of fire Agni blessed Hanuman with the power that no fire can cause him any harm. The Sun God blessed Hanuman with the power to become the biggest and the smallest in size. The Lord of Death Yama promised Hanuman that death will never come to him. Kubera the god of wealth promised Hanuman that he will always be happy. The Lord of Sex Kamdev blessed Hanuman that he will never get affected by sexual desires so he will remain a Brahmachari.

He was taught by the Sun God who taught him all the knowledge that he had. It is believed that lord Hanuman was one among those who saw lord Krishna tell Bhagwad Gita in the vishwaroop state. Lord hanuman was a great devotee of Lord Rama. He had promised Lord Rama that he will live on earth as long as people took the name of Rama. This is exactly why Goddess Sita blessed him that his idol will be placed in all public places. This will ensure that he can hear people chanting the name of Lord Rama. Interesting that Lord Hanuman is considered immortal in Hindu mythology. He is said to be alive even today and that is why He is also known as cheeranjeevi or the one who lives forever.

Why Orange Colour?

When you visit any town or village in India you will find many idols of Lord Hanuman. They are mostly orange in colour. It is said that lord Hanuman is the only God who can help to get rid of evil spirits. Many people worship the Lord Hanuman to get blessed and to get free from evil spirits. It is said that Lord Hanuman can remove all hurdles. People often pray to Lord Hanuman before they start a journey. You will find small idols of Hanuman in vehicles and cars. This is mainly because lord Hanuman can protect people from all trouble.

The Supreme Brahamchari

Women are not allowed to touch the idol of lord Hanuman. They can enter the temple and pray but they cannot touch the idol as he was a Brahmachari. Many modern feminists think that this is not equality with the female gender, but let us tell you that it is merely a symbolic ritual which mainly signifies that both genders (men and women) have an inherent desire which can only be overcome with great will power, meditation and Prayers and till that time, it is best to avoid too much contact with each other.

We have also published an article on the benefits of celibacy. Apart from this there is no such anti-feminism in this practice and the Lord Hanuman Himself gave equal perhaps more respect to the wife of Sri Rama than anything else.

Sri Hanuman Chalisa

There are many books and stories that are dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Devotees also chant Hanuman Chalisa for getting blessed by Lord Hanuman. This book is dedicated to the Lord Hanuman. Reading it is as good as worshiping the Lord.


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