Leadership Skills and Interpersonal Skills

Here are few tips and tricks for Group Discussion. Ideas for GD given by Rocky Saggoo. Know, what he said precisely:-

He said, "You are evaluated for Leadership Skills and Interpersonal Skills during Group Discussions".


Leaders are always confident since they feel good, great and wonderful about themselves. GD is just normal discussion where people share their opinions, so there is no need of getting nervous. Face GD confidently.

Leaders bring back the derailed train of GD. In many group discussions, people start beating around the bush, the train of their GD goes off the track, it derails. Leaders are always ready to take initiative and bring back the derailed train.

Leaders have great knowledge, and to enhance knowledge, you need to get into the habit of group discussion. Discuss good topics, bad topics, bizarre topics with your friends, family members and the people you know.


You have good interpersonal skills if you are a good communicator. Speak softly and politely during group discussions. Even if you are disagree with some people, don't get angry, instead use good phrases to elaborate your point during GD.

You have good interpersonal skills if you have good non verbal communication skills. Have good body language and posture during GD. Sit, stand, approach people nicely.

You have good interpersonal skills if you are a good listener. Don't just speak during Group Discussions, listen as well. Give a head nod and be attentive listener. This is gonna impress the evaluator.

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