10 Ghastly but Hauntingly Beautiful pictures of the Indian Cannibal cult of Aghoris.

The much criticized and yet intriguing Aghoris are a cannibalistic sect of Hinduism who generally live by the cremation grounds and feed on the corpses brought there for funeral but unconventional cult has usually been misconstrued because their practices are considered too abysmal for the civilized society to digest. Here are a few pictures and lesser known facts about the cult.

They believe that the highest form of discipline is to be free from all worldly disciplines.

They live in isolation as they don’t want to be dependent on society.

As far as cannibalism is concerned, they only eat dead and half-rotted dead bodies to avoid rebirth and attain moksha.

They live in cremation grounds to overpower fear.

They are mostly naked as they want to break the chains of shame.

Marijuana and Liquor helps them in meditating.

They are said to have superhuman powers.

The ash on their bodies comes from the burnt remains of corpses.

They only eat and drink out of bowls made out of human skulls and every Aghori must procure one for himself.

And despite of all that condemnation the Aghoris are an enigmatically intriguing sect which you cannot ignore.

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